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Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Hobby

So I have seen this cute bows for hair in random stores or in hair of other little girls. So I figured why can't I make them...So I tried it out for the 1st time on Friday...And this is the finished project. So then I went to a friends house and we made more on Saturday..I think I found my new hobby..They look so cute in AnaKalia's hair..I think I am hooked!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Party's are so fun!!

Yesterday we went to Outer Limits for the the kids cousin's birthday party..Then we had a sleep over at the Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho Falls..Well, here are the results of the birthday party..We got up this morning and went to church, Kanani and Tyrek kept falling asleep in scarement meeting.. Well, as I am typing this AnaKalia and Kanani are still sleeping..Tyrek is holding strong and is keeping me company..Happy Birthday Thaddus...Thanks for a fun weekend!!

Are you Ready for some football?

It is fun watching the boys play sports. They have been soccer players..However since we have moved to Rigby they don't have a Fall or Spring soccer program so we got them into Football..They are doing great..However they want to tackle. I am not ready for that yet so I am glad it is just flag..

Miss AnaKalia K'Lin Aloha Mago

My kids are my life..I am truly best to have 3 wonderful kids..However they can be pains in my rears at time and especially lately..I am still trying to cope with being away from Kalani until March but, it has be really tough on the kids..I have to play the good guy bad guy..But, who couldn't love this sweet little things even when she is throwing you her look...

School Days

I thought this year would be a little rough since we moved and the boys left their friends..However..I was wrong they are fitting in at there new school. Kanani is a big 4th grader and we held Tyrek back since he was so young last year so he is a 1st grader (which is the best thing for him) and then little Miss AnaKalia had to be in the picture too..