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Monday, June 30, 2008

The new adventure begins....

On Thursday July 3rd the kids and I are moving down to my mom's house in my home town (Arimo). I start my new job in Idaho Falls on the 7th of July. Not looking forward to the commute but, I am looking forward to my new job. Kalani will move down sometime in September or October. Our house is still on the market. We've had 4 people look but, there are so many house out there. (So keep praying for us.) We are hoping to find a cheap apartment or basement to rent in Rigby. (So if you know of anything let me know.) I stress over everything and keep having to tell myself it could be a lot worse. The house is pretty much packed and I got the yard mowed today..The kids wanted to take a picture of me but, I really thought I was worn out but, as you can tell in the picture AnaKalia beat me... (don't laugh at my compter table or mouse pad...Everything else is packed..)